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Mobile In-App Performance Advertising Platform

The World’s First In-App Programmatic Buying Platform that Guarantees ROI and Complete Transparency.

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Demand Side Platform

The Most Complete Programmatic Buying Platform for Scaling Mobile Growth

  • Predictive ROI Optimization
    Predictive ROI Optimization
    Get high intent users to install and engage with your app, at scale.
  • Zero-Error Targeting
    Zero-Error Targeting
    Tailor your advertising to reach your exact targeted audience, at the lowest possible cost.
  • Mobile In-App Performance Advertising Platform
    Quality Guarantee
    Full-funnel transparency with advanced fraud prevention.
Predictive ROI Optimization

Get true performance - optimize for actions, not installs

ROI automation is powered by our BidQTM Deep Learning Technology, meaning bids are constantly optimized towards actions to maximize your return on ad spends. Just input budgets and our algorithms take over.

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DSP Real Time Bidding
real-time precision targeting
Zero-Error Targeting

Deep data integration enables holistic view of the user and real-time precision targeting

Our powerful natively integrated DMP along with first-party SDK and exclusive telco-grade signals enable you to enrich your data and tailor your advertising to reach your exact targeted audience, at the lowest possible cost.

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Quality Guarantee

Spend with confidence - Block invalid traffic before fraudulent installs happen

Our industry-leading fraud prevention framework safeguards your ad dollars in real time with complete transparency on media, pricing and performance data at the impression level.

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DSP Campaign Transparency
DSP - ROI Optimization
Actionable Dashboard

Get complete control over your ad spend

Manage and optimize your campaigns, get deep insights and multi-dimensional analytics in real-time on our actionable dashboards.

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State-of-the-Art Creative Platform

Harness the power of the most advanced creative suite on the planet

Our creative platform helps you design high impact mobile-first ad formats, and automated experiments determine winning ad experiences to maximize ROI and lower operations cost.

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Demand Side Platform Targeting
DSP Platforms
Fully Modular Open Platform

Deeply integrated with major ecosystem partners

Completely modular platform with enterprise-grade API integrations with over 15 partners.

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  • Cross Device
  • Data / Segments
  • Measurement
  • Attribution / Trackers

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