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India Programmatic Video Insights

The advent of streaming services coupled with the availability of high speed mobile data at affordable rates, Indians are watching video content on their mobile phones like never before. Consequently, there has been an uptake in the consumption of video ads amongst Indians. As advertisers scale mobile advertising operation,, programmatic is quickly becoming the channel of choice to improve efficiency, and transparency.

As advertisers rethink their advertising strategy and scramble to cater to this growing demand for video, it is important for them to understand the right way to do so for optimal results. For this, we at InMobi analysed millions of ad impressions to unearth insights and trends in programmatic and video advertising that will help them make informed decisions for greater success on mobile.

Download this report to understand:

- Why are Indian advertisers rapidly adopting Programmatic buying channels?

- How Programmatic is bringing higher efficiency and transparency to campaign delivery?

- Why is Mobile Video advertising becoming front and center for most advertisers?

- The benefits of tracking Viewability metrics for advertisers


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