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Monetization for Publishers

The Programmatic Monetization Platform for Publishers

Whether you are looking to maximize app revenue with an ad mediation platform or directly through in-app monetization, InMobi has the best solution for you.

Mediation Platform In-App Monetization


InMobi Mediation Platform

Maximize your ad revenue with a true unified auction that brings the best of header bidding to mobile apps. Keep control in your hands with deep reporting into behind-the-scenes auction mechanics.

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InMobi In-App Monetization Platform

Tap into premium and diverse advertising dollars and demand from the largest brand advertisers around the world, through direct and programmatic channels.

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Boost Ad Revenue with Global Demand

The InMobi Exchange brings exclusive access to 200+ DSPs and over 5,000 programmatic buyers representing top brands from around the world.

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Complement the User Experience with the Right Ad Experience

Choose from our comprehensive suite of ad formats including rich media, video and customizable native ad units. Create in-app monetization opportunities that strike the right balance between revenue and user experience.

Experience the Magic

The World's Largest Publishers Monetize with InMobi

Driving Results that Matter

Zeb Jaffer,

Founder at Fortafy Games
"InMobi is by far our biggest and preferred monetization partner. From setup, InMobi helped find the best placements to increase the quality of the user experience, increased optimization with expert account management and provided us with continuous value."

William Alena,

Chief Revenue Officer at The Meet Group
"InMobi’s innovative reimagining of the waterfall approach to app monetization has been a game-changer for us. We look forward to continuing our collaboration to innovate our monetization strategies while delivering the best possible experience for the millions of people who use our app everyday both in the U.S. and internationally"

Chris Stefanyk

Head of Brand Partnerships, Wattpad
"Wattpad is home to a community of 60 million people across the globe - 90% under the age of 35 - who spend over 15 billion minutes a month engaged in original stories. Recognizing the passion and loyalty of our readers, we teamed up with InMobi to develop an advertising monetization strategy that would, above all, preserve the storytelling experience while appealing directly to our growing global youthful audience. The InMobi solution is paying off, with Wattpad enjoying video ad completion rates at nearly 98%"