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Interest-based Advertising

Based on the web pages you visit, InMobi infers your interests from that pattern and serves relevant ads to your device. For example, if you visit sports sites often, it is likely that you will see more ads of sporting goods served to you.

InMobi does not know who you are, or what your name is. InMobi shall continue to comply with the provisions of its Privacy Policy for any data received.

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Mobile App Opt-Out

When you choose to opt out of use of data by InMobi for interest-based advertising, InMobi will not place ads based on your interests across its network. However, you will continue to receive other ads that are not based on your interests.

In addition to the above, InMobi shall continue to comply with the provisions of its Privacy Policy for any data received.

To opt out of interest-based advertising on apps, You may follow the below step(s):

Enter your Device ID below, and click Submit.

Where Do I See My Device ID?

UDID (Apple Devices): Find your UDID by connecting your device to iTunes. Within iTunes, click on your specific device, then click on "Summary" for that device, and then click on " Serial Number." You will see "Identifier (UDID)." Please enter that 40 character identifier on the Opt-Out page.

Android ID: On an Android mobile device, you can look up your Android ID by downloading one of the several free apps available.(Click here to find one free App) Please note the Android ID for your device. Enter the 16-character unique identifier in the Opt Out page.

Mobile Web Opt-Out

Currently, InMobi does not undertake any interest based advertising or targeted advertising on the mobile web. If you intend to opt out of behaviorally targeted advertising, please exercise opt-out facility through Mobile App Opt-Out option, the details of which are available in the above section.

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