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InMobi Exchange Participation Program Terms ("Exchange Terms")

InMobi has partnered with Rubicon Project ("Rubicon") for hosting an InMobi specific private market place ("InMobi Exchange") in order to facilitate transactions between advertisers and publishers.

You hereby accept to the following terms to participate in the InMobi Exchange ("Exchange Terms"):

"Ads" means any type of advertising materials (such as text messaging, audio and video files, rich media, content, text, and graphic files), including but not limited to, banners, buttons, pop-ups, pop-unders and text links;

"Exchange" means real-time marketplace for buying and selling of online media advertising inventory from multiple ad networks and/or other supply side platforms/providers.

  1. Publisher agrees and accepts that its identity as a source of advertising traffic to InMobi Exchange shall be made available to advertisers operating through the InMobi Exchange, subject to Rubicon's obligations of confidentiality. Further, Publisher agrees that the details (including name) of the website and/or application from where a request of Ad ("Ad Request") is generated, shall be made available to advertisers operating through the InMobi Exchange subject to Rubicon's obligations of confidentiality. Pricing agreements in respect of Publishers shall not be disclosed.
  2. These Exchange Terms shall be read in addition to the terms of any contract (whether online Terms of Service or paper) that the Publisher may have concluded with InMobi ("Contract"). The terms of such Contract shall be binding on the Publisher except to the extent of any inconsistency between the Exchange Terms and the terms of such Contract, in which case, the Exchange Terms shall prevail.
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