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The Insider Track to Mobile Marketing

진행자 Zee Ahmad, Head of Business Development, UK
Thursday February 21, 2013

Keen to brush up on your mobile advertising lingo? This session will give you a back to basics overview of the mobile advertising ecosystem whilst leaving you excited and inspired about the opportunities mobile marketing has to offer. Focussing on the ever evolving ways in which companies and consumers communicate and purchase goods, we will look at how exactly mobile advertising is evolving and how it can be used to really elevate your brand. Using recent research on mobile media consumption and tablet usage, we will explore how innovative HTML5 rich media ad formats respond to the increased demand for targeted, personalised brand experiences. Finally we will highlight mobile advertising and rich media best practices in relation to how consumers are currently using their phones.

You'll also learn how to:

  • Produce a personalised, targeted, customer-specific mobile campaign
  • Integrate mobile alongside your traditional marketing channels with a focus on "multi screening"
  • Tailor your mobile marketing strategy to reflect current consumer media consumption trends
  • Dispel the widely held myths about mobile adverts with a focus on rich media immersive experiences

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발표자 소개

Zee Ahmad, Head of Business Development, UK

Zee is InMobi’s Head of Business Development for the UK. He leads the UK’s supply side strategy, developing InMobi’s publisher portfolio, product mix and third party partnerships. Prior to joining InMobi Zee was the UK Sales Lead for Navteq Media Solutions, Nokia’s location based mobile ad network. He has over 10 years experience in digital and mobile advertising.

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