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Introduction to InMobi App Publish – Simplifying App Distribution for Android Developers

진행자 Ujjwal Kabra, Product Manager
Saturday June 01, 2013

App discovery in Google Play can be a huge challenge. Meanwhile, alternative appstores have been driving an ever-increasing number of downloads every year. Although the value of these stores is well understood, distributing apps through these channels presents several logistical, legal, and other challenges, preventing many app developers from even trying.

InMobi App Publish resolves the problem of app discovery by simplifying app distribution on alternative appstores globally.

발표자 소개

Ujjwal Kabra, Product Manager

Ujjwal is a Product Manager at InMobi and is passionate about bringing to market compelling and innovative solutions for App Developers. As one of InMobi's early employees, Ujjwal has worked on several critical products and brings a deep understanding of developer's needs and challenges. Prior to InMobi, Ujjwal worked in early stage startups such as FlightRaja and Indipepal, and also ran a couple of cafes across Bangalore. Prior to his entrepreneurial stints, Ujjwal worked at Trilogy as a software engineer. Outside work, Ujjwal loves traveling and is also a voracious reader with serious interest in writing .

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