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Decoding Monetization Methods For Dating Apps

진행자 Team InMobi
Thursday November 19, 2015 at 10.00 AM PST / 11.30 PM IST / 6.00 PM GMT

Swipe right - the new age dating gesture, has permeated the mobile world. Today, users end up spending almost 90 minutes of their day sifting through myriad potential partners, in search of the perfect match. This is greater than the average time spent by a user on traditional social networking sites, creating an alternate social network that is distinctly different from its older cousin.

How can mobile developers building dating apps tap into this growing opportunity? Dating apps enjoy long user engagement sessions and access to deep user data, presenting a unique opportunity for monetization that is yet to be realized fully. Recently, players like Starbucks and 20th Century Fox launched cheeky, innovative advertising campaigns on dating apps - lighting the way for several other advertisers. Even developers who are not building dating apps, can learn from the mechanics of this app category.

Join this webinar to :

  • Learn best practices around designing the app experience for your dating app
  • Get a comprehensive overview of monetization methods for dating apps
  • Learn how to leverage mobile advertising effectively to maximize user engagement & revenues
  • Learn how other app categories too can benefit from the mechanics of successful dating apps

Even if you can’t make the presentation, do sign-up and we will send you a recording of the webinar.


Robb Sala: Robb is part of the Business Development team at InMobi, and focuses on publisher monetization in non-gaming verticals (including social, dating, music, productivity, and others). Before InMobi, he was part of BD and platform relations teams at companies that include Twitter, ShareThis and Meebo (now part of Google).

Mona Sharma: Mona, a Product Marketing Manager at InMobi, brings 5 years of experience in the technology space across the US, SEA and India. In her current role, she is responsible for identifying the best monetization strategies and ad experiences for developers across categories.

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